View Full Version : Tracing Memory Leaks in Firefox

5 Jun 2007, 1:57 AM
Greetings all,

I'm developing an application with Ext that polls server for data periodically. Namely, it sends request every 5 seconds.

Now, after several hours it is ok in IE, but consumes LOTS of memory in Firefox, up to 200 MB. Definitely, it's a memory leak problem.

Can anyone recommend a tool or something to trace memory leaks in Firefox?

5 Jun 2007, 3:01 AM
I guess you've already found this one: Leak Monitor Extension [http://dbaron.org/mozilla/leak-monitor/].

Besides, there are some threads about leak monitor(ing) on these forums.

5 Jun 2007, 5:26 AM
Ah, yes, I once stumbled upon it, but forgot the site. Thanks for the link.

I will also search the forum.