View Full Version : wizard issues

19 Jun 2009, 1:33 PM
I am using the wizard, trying to create this template where u have step 1-4 after which you are done creating an object.

1) my wizard opens up in popup - ext.window.
2) in my step2 and step 3 my wizard is made up of a panel with with layout such as

center region which has - center(has a grid) and east region.(has a grid)

3) if i am in Step2(it has some add functionality in this screen) screen and if i casually click NEXT, the panel with grids in step 3 get rendered. note : that i do not perform any action in step2(adding some element).

4) at opposed to the above step 3, if i perform the functionality in step 2 and then click next button, the center panel in my step 3 doesn't render. but there are these two combo boxes in that form which r suppose to make ajax requests and they do. i just dont see the form getting rendered.

this is really weird.

plz help!