View Full Version : help about layout & design (table / colum/ center /autofit)

18 Jun 2009, 1:59 AM
hello !

Is somebody can just a little help me ?

i would like to obtain :
-a full-width-in-browser (with adapt if browser size change) objet containing north-center-south design layout (i can do it, it work)
-in the center region, create a full-width object with 3 column, for 3 tables. Here begin problems. If make a table design, 3 columns are left side, close from each other. if i create a center panel for contain table layout, if centered, but close to each other. if i try to play with "padding", "default-style", the padding for object INTO the 3 columns are affected by new padding value !

how to simply place 3 object (grid, form or other), like " simple html table





thanks !