View Full Version : Ext.Window syncShadow

15 Jun 2009, 8:22 AM
I'm a huge fan of msgTarget: 'under'. I like setting up my own validation and displaying it right under the form field...love it and it works great...but....

I often have to set "autoHeight: true" for the window because it adds the validation under the form element and expands the height of the window...doing this, the shadow gets out of sync and it looks pretty bad.

I've overcome this with something like the following:

listeners: {
invalid: function(){
valid: function(){

It would be nice to have this built in some how...I don't know if the invalid and valid events bubbles up, and this could automaticaly put in the window object. It's not a big deal but just thought I would put this little snippet up incase it helps someone else.