View Full Version : Grid: render event?

2 Jun 2007, 10:00 PM
on select of a tree node, I am creating a grid on the fly, rendering it and loading data into it.

while Ext is doing all this work (it seems to take about 2 secs for the grid to be visible), I would like to show notification to the user that the interface is rendering.

I have an Element on the page for this and show it before i start building the grid and hide it after the grid build code is run.

however, my element never appears. stepping through the code in firebug, it does show the Element, but the code between the show and hide calls runs so quick that it undetectable to the user.

so i guess that Ext's grid rendering code is still running even after grid.render() returns.

the docs and source code shows no event for when the grid is completely done rendering. does anyone have an idea on when I can fire my hide on the "Building Interface..." Element so that the user is properly notified of what is going on while the application "pauses"


2 Jun 2007, 11:41 PM