View Full Version : Feature request - timeout for treeloader

10 Jun 2009, 3:42 PM
While it would be possible to change the timeout for all ajax requests, it does not appear to be supported on a per-case basis with the tree loader. Can this be added to the 3.0 release? It would be as easy as the code in red

requestData : function(node, callback, scope){
if(this.fireEvent("beforeload", this, node, callback) !== false){
var args = this.getParams(node);
args.push(this.processDirectResponse.createDelegate(this, [{callback: callback, node: node, scope: scope}], true));
this.directFn.apply(window, args);
this.transId = Ext.Ajax.request({
url: this.dataUrl||this.url,
success: this.handleResponse,
failure: this.handleFailure,
scope: this,
timeout: this.timeout || 30000,
argument: {callback: callback, node: node, scope: scope},
params: this.getParams(node)
// if the load is cancelled, make sure we notify
// the node that we are done
this.runCallback(callback, scope || node);