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2 Jun 2009, 3:54 AM

On the desktop example, how do you create for example the "Settings" tool item when clicked to open a new window - for example a pre-defined module such as the BogusModule?

Any help would be great! Thanks!

2 Jun 2009, 4:10 AM
Are you contributing an Example?

Or are you asking for Help (http://extjs.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=40)?

2 Jun 2009, 4:14 AM
I am simply just asking for an example on how to use a MODULE such as the BogusModule provided in the examples within the TOOLITEMS of the start menu config. For example, on the start menu the right hand side where it says Settings and Logout, how do you create/what is the functionality/handler code needed so that when you click on SETTINGS it will open the BogusModule 1 for example.

2 Jun 2009, 4:33 AM
Well, I'll move it to "Help" then since I get the vague impression that is what you are asking for.

2 Jun 2009, 4:34 AM
Yes that is pretty much what I am asking for.

2 Jun 2009, 4:37 AM
open this

look how it open Calc
demo my site

2 Jun 2009, 7:29 AM
look here its help you to open window desktop

2 Jun 2009, 7:35 AM
Thank you very much for the examples. Very useful and nice website. I am sure I will be back sometime for further assistance. :) Thank you once again.

8 Nov 2009, 1:09 PM
Both http://itoto1.com/desktop/js/DesktopConfig.js and http://jeamy.werk1.at/ are broken links.