View Full Version : Grid header dissappears (for the 100000th time)

29 May 2009, 1:39 AM
Note: Problem is in IE 6 . FF/Safari etc. display things perfectly.

1. Open any EXT JS complete distribution (2.2 / 3.0+ ....anything will do)
2. Navigate to folder Examples > Grid > Grid from markup.

This example shows how to construct a simple grid from regular table markup.

3. Open the HTML file in any text editor.
4. The grid table is called "the-table"
5. Put this "the-table" table inside another table. The code should look like this:

<table id="the-table">.........</table>
I'm just putting the grid table inside another table with a single cell.
What happened to the header columns in IE6? Why do they dissappear?