View Full Version : I translate the book "Lerning ExtJs" to russian language

19 May 2009, 9:26 PM
Ext.form: part 1. http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/12/2-1-forms...io-checkboxes/ (http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/12/2-1-forms-extjs-inputs-radio-checkboxes/)
Ext.form: part 2. http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/15/2-2-forms...jax-listeners/ (http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/15/2-2-forms-extjs-data-storage-ajax-listeners/)


Ext.ToolBar: http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/19/3-extjs-t...divider-split/ (http://maxyc.ru/2009/05/19/3-extjs-toolbar-buttons-menu-spacers-divider-split/)

[google translate =) because my russian TO english very bad]
I hope many Rusko speakers useful for these texts. please do not take spam. because very little information on the library for Russian and translated for me, no one pays. only your mind

20 May 2009, 5:42 AM
awesome. how about contacting packt to do it legally? :)

9 Jun 2009, 7:32 PM
I'm sorry for the long reply. Yes it would be great. There is a desire to further translate the book, but in August wedding since switched to Freelance to make money. Chapter 3 has already been translated, but to lay out yet can not. when translated book, I would like to take up the API documentation, and, of course, the legal agreement with you.

(google translate rus=>eng))

9 Jun 2009, 7:52 PM
Maybe I'm being ignorant, but aren't you just illegally publishing copyrwritten material? Surely you can't publish this on the internet and expect not to get sued?

9 Jun 2009, 8:06 PM
not thought much about it because I think that does not bring harm to the authors of the book. if they have once wanted to do the translation for the Russian-speaking population, and will release a book about it, these articles and do not remember anybody. audience for my site, and in general these transfers will be rather more simple and less experienced programmers who want to discover and unravel the framework. More experienced or buy the book or download it in English. (just download it. ??????? in Russia there is no word about the online purchase. or they are very rare and mostly only in big cities.)

On the other hand, I can say to advertise a book for experienced programmer, less interested in exploring in the future purchase of the book. Conversely, it is necessary to say "thanks" =)

(trans.google rus=>eng)

10 Jun 2009, 9:34 AM
I think you need to speak to a lawyer and understand what the copyright law means - it's not open to your interpretation.

10 Jun 2009, 9:50 AM
Yes, that would be copyright infringement. If you are interested in doing Russian translations of the book, please speak to Packt Publishing. I'd write the Russian translation myself, but I've forgotten more than I remember, and speak it better than I write it;)

10 Jun 2009, 10:09 AM
"It's better not to come to a foreign monastery with your own standing order", being russian you should know what I mean.