View Full Version : JSonView : IE get one more nodes than FF ? ! ! !

28 May 2007, 12:41 AM
Hi all,

I've a probleme with a JSonView and IE, strange problem !
When the load of the JSonView is done I call a callback function and I count the number of nodes. Internet explorer always count one more nodes than FF, or FF return the rigth number ! ! ! Actualy IE get one more nodes, the last node is undefined and cause of it my application crash.

I try to fix it with the prepare data functin, I test if the data arguments is ull, if yes I create a special nodes with default value. Then the application don't crash, but show one more nodes, false node. I will remove this nodes for my application works correctly.

But I want to know why with the same code IE get one more nodes than FF, it's vreay strange. Someone have the same problem ?

Thanks a lots

28 May 2007, 3:18 AM
An extra comma at the beginning/end of your data perhaps?

28 May 2007, 3:43 AM
no efege ;-)
The code seams correct, but IE and FF don't get the same result, I don't know why !

28 May 2007, 6:14 AM
We need a link to a page showing this, or the code and returned json data.