View Full Version : scriptTagProxy in ext3.0 is loading data every time

binod dokania
12 May 2009, 3:25 PM

We were using scriptTagProxy to load the form in ext2.2 but recently we have moved to ext3.0RC1.1, to more specific to svn revision 3790.

We are firing the scriptTagProxy call like this..


for the first time when I fire the call i get the response back correctly but when I try to refresh the page (both in FF3/IE6) i didn't get the data back and page spinner keeps on loading...

I tried to debug this in FF and I see that in createCallback fucntion of ScriptTagProxy.js it does not go inside the function (i.e. action==Ext.data.Api.READ)

createCallback : function(action, trans) {
var conn = this;
return (action == Ext.data.Api.READ)
? function(res) {

but I wonder why in the first call i get the data correctly?
Am I missing anything to pass which allow this scriptTag proxy to call again or use of API.READ in script tag proxy instantiation is wrong?

12 May 2009, 9:05 PM

I am using the similar code


but I am getting the error

Ext.data.Api has no properties

even for the first call itself.