View Full Version : panel load disabling extall.css for loaded panels

6 May 2009, 2:44 AM
I am not expert styles and CSS class definitions.
I am loading a panel by:

url: '/samplepage.aspx',
params: {data: Ext.util.JSON.encode(ThemeObj)},
callback: function(){},
discardUrl: false,
nocache: false,
text: "Loading...",
timeout: 30,
scripts: true

samplepage.aspx has own CSS definitions.
I want only use CSS definitions of the loadded panel for the loaded panel. (not well sentenced... :) )

For example, in extall.css <li>,<ul> CSS definitions is changed. I want to see bullets in the loaded panel.

Is it possible?
Or I have to add extra CSS definitions to all loaded tags?

Thanks a lot.

6 May 2009, 3:14 AM
Ext.Panel has a new config option in Ext 3.0: resetBodyCss:true.

ps. You can't load linked stylesheets with a load(). You would have to replace your panel with a ManagedIframePanel for that.

6 May 2009, 4:08 AM
Thanks Mr. Condor,
You are my savior,

I didn't test my code into f.... IE7.0 .... (depends the language)

You are right. Style sheet links do not loaded in IE7.0.
So we need to use ManagedIframePanel (firstly heard from you..:-?)

You said resetBodyCss config option. I just check the web site and I realize Ext JS 3.0 is released... Perfect job...