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1 Mar 2009, 4:02 AM
Yet another Javascript compressor? Yes and no.

We were looking for a obfuscator and compressor that fulfills certain requirements (for instance, good compression rate and possibility to integrate it in an automated build process). We did not find a solution that is suitable for our needs, so I developed an own obfuscator and compressor which is online available now and can also be downloaded for offline use under http://www.scriptmixer.com (http://www.scriptmixer.com/)

Perhaps this tool is also helpful for some of you.

1 Mar 2009, 5:35 AM
I also wanted an way of doing compressing JS during the build process. I use netbeans as my ide of choice and it uses Ant during the build process. Looking around I found that there was an ant task compatible with Yahoo's compressor.

So all I did was modify my project build ant task to include compressed JS and CSS files.

Further details at http://nnbs.blogspot.com

Recently I have further modified it to combine Javascript files as well as minifying them.

Works a treat with the added benefit that it is all contained within the project so extra external maintenance is not required.

6 Jan 2010, 12:51 AM
cracra:) thank you very much for this, this is exactly wat im looking for.

i tried it on my app (using Ext v3.1), its very simple
at first it has an js error, then i red the FAQ page , forgot to put the charset

i tested it in
FF v3.5.6 = ok
IE v8= ok
Chrome = ok

thanks alot