View Full Version : Getting values from server

20 Feb 2009, 4:50 AM
I am using viewport.In west tree,In center dynamic grids on clicking the nodes of tree.
I am having one senario
when i click on the row of a grid an id is sent to the server then
the records which matches the id should be brought into another grid in the center region of the grid.

Ext.Ajax.request( {
url :'getCountries.json',
params : { id :value},
success : function(form, action) {

I was succsesfull in sending the id to the server.

Then i am calling the other grid which need to be displayed .
My problem is how should i configure my second grid's jsonStore so that it should know which is the id

Here i am sending the data as Ajax submit so do not respond with new page.
I want normal submit in agrid so that i can get new page as respond.
and my problem will be solved.
can any help me out how to submit the values to server so that i can get new page in response.

20 Feb 2009, 6:01 AM
If you want a new page, why not use window.open()?