View Full Version : hidelabel sets difference in IE on Textfields

22 Jan 2009, 6:53 AM
var test = new Ext.Panel( {

layout :'form',
frame :false,
autoWidth :true,
border :false,
title :'Kundendaten',
labelWidth :130,
defaults: {border:false},
bodyStyle :'padding:10px 0px 10px 10px;',
items : [{
xtype :'xhelptextfield',
fieldLabel :'Firmenname *',
anchor :'-40',
allowBlank :false,
blankText :'Bitte geben Sie Ihren Firmennamen ein.',
helpTitle: 'test',
name: 'customerdataCompanyname'
xtype :'textfield',
fieldLabel :'Straße / Hausnr. *',
allowBlank :false,
anchor: '-20',
blankText :'Bitte geben Sie eine Straße an.'
border: false,
defaults:{border:false,defaultType:'textfield',columnWidth: .5,layout: 'form'},
items:[{fieldLabel:'Vertreter*',name:'vertreter',allowBlank: false,anchor:'-20'}]
items:[{fieldLabel:'E-Mail*',hideLabel:true,allowBlank: false,name:'vertreterEmail',vtype:'email',anchor:'-20'}]


Okay heres the problem:
First the icon and the first line is just to compare its a own extension for Help Info Windows.
So the problem is i´ve got a simple Textfield Component Straße/Hausnr for the validation field i go
anchor: '-20'Now i make a column with 2 Textfields and want to remove the second
fieldLabel: 'E-Mail' using
hideLabel:truethen following happens only on IE 7.X aswell 6.X works in Opera and Firefox fine.http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/9894/panelsz1.jpg
Now i want to remove the label of the second Textfield without gettin the 1px difference on the IE.