View Full Version : Changing data from a combox in a EditorGridPanel

19 Jan 2009, 11:21 AM

I need to be able to pass a param to a combobox (that populates it data from a json store) editor. the param is dependent upon the row selected in the editorgridpanel.

For example. I have an editorGrid with two columns; State and Govenor. The grid has two rows with data... Row 1: California, Arnold Doe. Row 2: Oregon, Joe Johnson. I need a combobox editor on the Govenor column that when displayed, shows a list of people from the State that is on that row. In other words, the combobox data is dependent upon the record being edited's state value.

Can this be done?
Can i assign a new combobox within the beforeedit event?

Any direction is appreciated!

19 Jan 2009, 1:49 PM
I was trying to do this a while back & ended up having to create a bunch of data stores (make arrays & set the "store" property to the array & Ext will automatically convert the array to a simple store) and dynamically set the store for the combo depending on the value.