View Full Version : Ext.Button with menu causing "this.focusEl" is undefined

8 Nov 2008, 8:55 AM
I am trying to integrate ExtJS 2 into my blog. My goal is to create an onReady handler which scans the document and converts certain content into GUI widgets. It's working fine except one particular issue. There is a list of links created by the "Sociable" Wordpress plug-in which I am converting into a single button which provides a drop-down menu of those links.

The conversion code seems to be working fine, but when the button is clicked it is reporting a "this.focusEl" is undefined error from within the Ext.menu.Menu doFocus() method. I've attached the source of the page that is giving the error. Until I figure this problem out I've left all of the code inline. Thanks for any help you can give me.

10 Nov 2008, 2:22 AM
sounds like something i did here: http://tdg-i.com ;)

10 Nov 2008, 8:15 AM
I looked at your website to see if I could find something similar to what I want in action, but unfortunately I came up empty :( Your customized GUI widgets are definitely cool though!

I guess no one is able to help me with this : /