View Full Version : Tab content disapears in Basic Dialog - IE7 only (bug?)

19 Apr 2007, 4:56 AM
I have a set of 4 tabs in a basic dialog, each shows 5 drop down lists. When i first launch the dialog i see the drop downs as expected, but when I click a different tab, only the titles (plain text) exist on the now active tab. BUT, if i move the dialog even two pixels, the select lists reappear, OR if I click on where I know one of the select lists to be the options display, allow me to choose one and then disappear again. So all the HTML works as expected, there is just visibility issue.

This only happens in IE7. Tested both in FF2 and IE6. Also this behavior occurs in both latest ext beta 1.0 and ext-1.0.

Has anyone else run across this? I suspect its a bug ( and probably ie7s bug, heh) but didn't want to throw it in there if someone else has already seen/solved it.

19 Apr 2007, 5:09 AM
Got similar problem with grids. They were dissapearing at tab switch. On mouse over the records were shown, bu the headers were still hidden. On layout reconfiguring (a split moved or a pannel expanded) the grid became completelly visible.

I didn't have much time to look into it so i just used a listener to perform a layout refresh on each tab change. It's ugly and slows things down and I would really appreciate a better solution.

Here's my code :

if (!window.XMLHttpRequest){
// IE6
Tabs.tabs.on('tabchange', function(){
} else if(document.all){
Tabs.tabs.on('tabchange', function(){

19 Apr 2007, 5:55 AM
I posted a similar problem about fields disappearing, but this was using IE6.
Knowone seems to want to acknowledge that there might be a problem here...