View Full Version : Ext 1.0: console.time() breaks in IE6

18 Apr 2007, 4:08 PM

// some code...

console.timeEnd('test', true);

18 Apr 2007, 4:19 PM
Of course it would :D

The "console" object is defined by the Firebug Debugger, which is a Firefox extension. You could do something as simple as:

if(console) {

Or Firebug has a Firebug Lite which runs in explorer, safari, opera which gives you access to the console object. Look here http://getfirebug.com/lite.html

18 Apr 2007, 4:30 PM
But I thought this was the point of ext-all-debug.js? console.log() works perfectly in IE6 and I can't see why console.time() doesn't work.

I knew I could just include firebugx.js to avoid this problem in IE... but was keen to try out this ext debug tool.