View Full Version : Moden 7.2 userSelectable on Grid not working

18 Jun 2020, 11:21 AM
Hi all,

Can someone help me with enabling text selection on Grid panel please ?

userSelectable: {
bodyElement: true

does not work for me.

Even deprecated function enableTextSelection does the same as I'm trying to do.

updateEnableTextSelection: function(enableTextSelection) {
this.setUserSelectable({ bodyElement: !!enableTextSelection });

This is my grid definition

flex: 1,
xtype: 'grid',
userSelectable: {
bodyElement: true
reference: 'messagesGrid',
hideHeaders: true,
scrollable: true,
emptyText: 'No messages',
columns: [{
xtype: 'gridcolumn',
name: 'body',
dataIndex: 'body',
flex: 1,
text: 'Message',
cell: {
xtype: 'gridcell',
encodeHtml: false
bind: {
renderer: '{messageRenderer}'

Thank you.