View Full Version : Dragging a row into column, looking for help

4 Feb 2020, 10:01 AM
Using ExtJS 7.1.0

I would like to implement dd from a grid which contains a single column into a target grid that has an existing row(s) into a specific column. We have a "mapping" grid where the users specify the source and target column names. Currently each column has a combo box with the appropriate values. I now have a window with two grids, one for the source columns and one for the target columns. The idea would be for the user to drag a row from the window into the column on the grid. I have attached a pic to help.58171

I have reviewed the Kitchen sink examples for grid dd. I am reading the API doc for DD, specifically looking at DropTarget thinking if I can make a column a drop target. You should only be able to drag a row from the source columns grid into the source column and the target columns grid into the target column. I have not used DD too much so if anyone has implemented something similar I'd like any help you can offer.

Thank you

4 Feb 2020, 12:13 PM
I have been studying the KitchenSink - Grid Add On, Drag Field to Grid. I found the ux-cellfielddropzone code (ext-\packages\ux\classic\src\dd). If I overwrite onNodeEnter to allow a row to be dragged to the column and then in onDrop() I'll figure it out from there.