View Full Version : Sencha Themer Stuck on Loading

3 Feb 2020, 7:26 AM

after upgrading to Sencha Cmd v7.1.0.15, and with the application fully working, I wanted to play around with the current theme I'm using. For some reason, after loading everything correctly, Sencha Themer stays stuck on the screen that you can see in the following image:


I've seen the log files and everything compiles correctly. The last message from the Log file is: [2020-02-03 16:09:47.733] [INFO] [default] - [LOG] Fashion waiting for changes...

Any clues? I've been waiting for several hours but the app stays the same...

20 Mar 2020, 1:27 AM
where is your Ext SDK folder located compared to the workspace folder (workspace.json) ?