View Full Version : Duplicate action on model field referenced in combobox removes combobox display field

5 Dec 2019, 12:52 PM
SA is sneaky :-)

Here is how to reproduce:
1. Create a new blank project for ExtJs 6.6.0 classic
2. Add a model with two fields, id:Int, name: String
3. Add a form panel
4. Add combobox to the form panel
5. Add a store to the form panel and set its model to the model created at step 2
6. Bind the combobox to the store (don't forget to click the hoove icon).
7. Set the value field to id and the display field to name
8. Save the project

- At this point, if you have git, I recommend creating a local repository and committing the files. it's easier to view the changes in the next steps

9. Select the model, click on the name, right-click Duplicate.
10. Change the name of the new field to let's say text.and save.

At this point in SA removed the display field setting from the combobox.

11. I hoped Undo works. I undid the renaming and duplication of the model field, however, SA didn't put back the displayField.

I attached the project archive as of the end of step 8.

Was this fixed in the later versions? If not, can you please fix it?



Platform: - win32 x64



Ext JS 6.6.x Classic