View Full Version : How to upgrade themer package to Extjs7.0 & Themer1.3.6

17 Sep 2019, 5:11 AM

It appears sencha has upgraded the font-awesome version they are using from v4.7.0 to v5.x. I am able to say this by looking at the font css applied on the menu arrow icon. The contents of font-awesome\fonts folder confirm the same.

6.7.0 content: "\f0d7";
font: 16px/1 FontAwesome;

content: '\f0d7';
font: 16px/1 'Font Awesome 5 Free';

Unfortunately, this created problems for our generated theme which was created with Extjs6.7.0 and Themer1.3.5, after upgrading to Extjs7.0. I see that the arrows for the menus on toolbar controls are still specifying the old font css as - 16px/1 FontAwesome ,as a result the arrow icons are not being shown.

Few questions:
1. So, is there a special process to upgrade a themer package? I thought that - simply opening the existing package on Themer 1.3.6(with Extjs7.0) and generating the css again is enough for upgrade.
2. Assuming there is no special upgrade process, can we treat this as a bug in the themer?
3. For Extjs7.0, are we supposed to use only the latest themer version(i.e 1.3.6) ? or, can we use 1.3.5 too? (If the problem does not happen with v1.3.5, maybe we can use it until the problem is fixed on v1.3.6)

Thank you.

18 Sep 2019, 1:05 AM
My mistake..

The font: 16px/1 FontAwesome; style was actually from us (we changed the default values and specified this). So sencha does not have to do anything in this case, we just have to manually update all those fonts to use the new font.

Just for anyone else's information, I was able to tell this by looking at the sass\save.scss file. I was able to deduce that this is the file sencha saves any user customizations and I found these font styles in it. I have updated the file to use new 'Font Awesome 5 Free' and everything works fine now.