View Full Version : Uncaught TypeError when adding a reference to an existing field in a model

10 May 2019, 7:33 PM
The following message is displayed in the "unexpected error occurred" dialog when attempting to add a reference linking a foreign key field in the selected model to an existing model (reference property set to use "model" option).

"Uncaught TypeError: model.flyCfg(...).getValueInstance is not a function"

Both models are already tested and loading data successfully via REST proxy and I'm attempting to add relationships between models. I am new to Sencha products and this is my first time trying to expand on my basic models.

This is using Architect 4.2.5 with a 6.7 Modern project on Win 7 (64 bit).

2 Jun 2019, 12:50 PM
Thank you so much for your post. I apologize for the delay. I have shared this with the support staff to look into at their earliest convenience. Your patience is greatly appreciated!

Thanks again,


5 Jun 2019, 5:47 AM

This issue has been registered as a bug in our tracker under reference number DSGNR-8130, this ticket will be linked here for you to receive important updates on this thread.

Sencha Support.