View Full Version : Variable $menu-item-active-text-color is not exposed

3 Jan 2019, 6:33 AM

I am unable to find where to change $menu-item-active-text-color for a custom UI for a menu. This variable is not copied when generating a custom UI (and not exposed for standard menus).

Could you please let me know if this variable is ignored for some reason?

I ended up modifying a few files by hand to be able to customize it.

Thank you in advance


2 Jul 2019, 2:08 AM
It's not exposed in the Themer GUI part, as a LOT of variables. You can still find the variable in SASS Variables tab, just search for it and change it there.
After building the theme it works fine for me, so in my ARIA theme, now text on the menus have different color depending if they are active or not.
Maybe you have this variable added elsewhere in addition?

Triton theme sets this as well

You can also investigate where does your particular CSS class actually come from by looking at the debug CSS output:
like here:

/* .../WebApp/packages/local/theme-tsl-aria/sass/var/Ext/Component.scss:35 */
.x-dd-drag-ghost {
color: black;

Then I know its the one picked up from my theme-tsl-aria