View Full Version : Serving ExtGen generated code from a webserver

19 Nov 2018, 3:54 AM

I've created a sample universal modern application using ext-gen app -i

Then using 'npm start' works just fine to show the application in my browser.

The problem now comes in if i want to do ajax calls to the Nginx webserver running on the same machine.

I tried to create a symlink from the application's folder to a folder under the Nginx webserver's webroot.

Unfortunately there seems to be issues now with the paths the application uses to source all the files. These are absolute paths and not relative paths.
e.g. the folder will be demo-app but then the application tries to source the files from /app/desktop/view (instead of app/desktop/view... - no leading "/")

Any advice?

3 Dec 2018, 8:24 AM
Hello there- sorry for the trouble. I have shared this issue with the support team and asked that they reach out to you to provide some assistance. Thank you for your patience!