View Full Version : sencha app upgrade with path argument from ant task work incorrectly

26 Jul 2018, 8:13 AM
I'v setup gradle build where import provided ant sencha tasks like:

ant.importBuild('build.xml') { antTaskName ->
"sencha_${antTaskName.replaceAll($/[,/\\:<>"?*|\s]+/$, '_')}".toString()

Now I run task:

./gradlew sencha_refresh

And its failed when do not found file ext/src/ux/IFrame.js

$ ls ext/src/ux/IFrame.js
ls: cannot access 'ext/src/ux/IFrame.js': No such file or directory

When I run manually:

sencha app upgrade [email protected] build/Sencha/Cmd/repo/extract/ext/

file appeared.Then I try add ant job in build.xml in project:

<target name="-before-build">
[email protected]

It run, but in console I just see:
Loading configuration for framework directory: /home/pasha/@Projects/@RLH/portal.java10/portal-ui/build/Sencha/Cmd/repo/extract/ext/
Upgrading to Ext JS 5.x
Upgrading to sdk at /home/pasha/@Projects/@RLH/portal.java10/portal-ui/build/Sencha/Cmd/repo/extract/ext/
Application structure already at current cmd version
and ext directory did not changed!

2 Aug 2018, 4:53 PM
I use last Sencha CMD version
And it has been work in cmd, so it is regression.