View Full Version : Resizing browser on fixed size panel overflow

31 Jan 2018, 6:09 AM

I was wondering if someone could explain how to tackle to following problem.
I have a GXT application which which is developed in for a pixel size on monitor 1920 x 1080. Now I 'm trying to reach a way that when the user has a smaller pixel size, or resizes the browser. The overflow property goes to auto (to have scrollbars) so the panel doesn't resize, nor it's children.
Am I wrong to believe this is something that needs to be done only on the top level container (in my case viewport) in the entrypoint?

I tried flowlayoutcontainer, scrollmodes and whatnot to reach that but no luck...

So the idea is 1 top level container in which the rest of components can be shown, hidden, etc. But don't react to browser resizing.

I hope this is a silly question and someone can push me in the right direction.