View Full Version : Chat text editor with HtmlEditor - Problems to keep the format of the words

11 Sep 2008, 6:03 AM
Hi everybody

I'm trying to make a chat text editor with HtmlEditor widget.
And I need save the text format before the text send and restore the text format after I clear the value.

I have the html tag's in array and string variables, like this:

var arrStart = ["<font face='tahoma'>", "<b>"];
var strStar = "<font face='tahoma'><b>";

var arrEnd = ["</font>", "</b>"];
var strEnd = "</font></b>";

My problem is:
When I set the htmlEditor Value with 'strStart+strEnd' the pointer of the cursor appear next the html tags and don't get the format.
And when I set the value just with 'strStart', Ext close the tags for me and happen the same thing.

All I need is to keep the format after I send the current text.

Thanks in advance. ~o)

11 Sep 2008, 10:58 AM
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