View Full Version : Sub-Menus not fixed in 6.5.1 or 2.

17 Oct 2017, 1:04 PM
I was trying to use submenus as prescribed by Marc Brocato in this thread: https://www.sencha.com/forum/showthread.php?344787 . While the thread says it fixed, in my use of the example it is not. I'm running ExtReact 6.5.2 with yeomen installation, windows 10 on a surface laptop. See attached screenshot to show my results. The contrainer has the following markup contained.

<Toolbar docked="bottom">
<Button text="Button 1">
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-home" text="Menu Item 1"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-database" text="Menu Item 2"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-music" text="Menu Item 3"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-user" text="Menu Item 4">
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-home" text="Menu Item 4.1"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-database" text="Menu Item 4.2"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-music" text="Menu Item 4.3"/>
<MenuItem iconCls="x-fa fa-user" text="Menu Item 4.4"/>