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1 Jul 2008, 9:29 PM
I got requirement wherein I have to create a Panel inside a toolbar which should pop from bottom to upside on the mouse click or hover event. This panel should be sliding panel rising from bottom to upside and has to be placed on a toolbar.
If anyone has got any clue on this(at least how to create a upside sliding panel), please let me know.
I have tried working this. But on the 2 approaches, i was not 100% succesfull.
1. I have used a TreeView panel, had set its location as 'south'. Its working as required. But the issue in this is.. it is covering the whole width of the screen. I am not able to set the width of this panel.
2. I have tried using our framework's Panel which is in 'panels.js'. This panel has sliding funtionality, but the direction is downwards. I have tried setting its parameters to make it slide upwards. I was sucessfull in that, but I was not able to get the header down.(means, instead of header i want the use the footer of that panel).

If any of you has come across such scenario, please help me out. All the efforts are highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot in advance,
Neeraj Sharma