View Full Version : Basic form submission

1 Jul 2008, 4:58 AM
I'm looking to build a simple form with Ext, that should submit it's values via AJAX.

At first, I looked at the Interactive Demo's, section forms. When I reproduced them, I didn't get any form submission. The forms just don't do anything. So I checked the API manual, found the "url" parameter of BasicForm. Still, nothing happened.

From the tutorial on Basic Login (http://extjs.com/learn/Tutorial:Basic_Login), it looks like I have to manually specify the AJAX posting of the values.

It seems somewhat sstrange if that were correct. EXT seems more userfriendly than that + what else would the "url" parameter be for ?

Could you plz enlighten me ? What is the URL parameter for, and how can I simply submit all values of the form to a script ?

(yes, I did find the tutorial on forms for ext 1.1, but it may be outdated and/or incorrect for v2.0 and above - I don't know that kind of things)