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4 Jun 2008, 9:42 PM

We are building a GWT GUI for an HR application. One page contains six tables, each having 6 columns. Just adding these tables to the page takes currently around 18 seconds in IE 7.0. We are currently using version mygwt version 0.5.0.

Has the performance significantly been improved with the commercial Ext GWT version?
Any tips how to tweak the performance?

This is also more a prototype and we are still evaluating if the GWT toolkit is capable of building a Commercial Enterprise Application. I'm a Java developer and enjoy using my "first" language to build a rich user interface and not having to deal with Javascript.

Has anyone compared JSF and GWT?

Thx for your help in advance!


5 Jun 2008, 3:33 AM
HI Felix,

from a performance point of view it seems that the newest beta version is enhanced in context of speed. But you are able to check this when playing around with the explorer demo.

To GWT <-> JSF comparsion: I did my last projects with JSF. JSF is not bad. But you will never have the full control over your application. When you want to write really slick apps this could be a huge pain. Also it is a technology mix to handle when you want to develop acceptable applications.
Another GWT advantage is scalability because you can hold the session state on the client (JSF is more server agnostic and the session and UI handling needs more server resources).

My only fear is the usage of a third party UI framework. I'm a little mistrusting after the recent licensing troubles with extJS. On the other hand you will be not able to develop an UI that could be compared with extJS and GXT.

From a general point of view, I'm a GWT believer! :)


5 Jun 2008, 3:41 AM
+1 ;-)