View Full Version : [DUP] Ext.selection.Checkbox throws aria related error when checkOnly: true

21 Aug 2017, 1:49 PM
See example below. When the cell updater is called is will throw this error. Note the blank commit to force a full update.


VM559 ext-all-debug.js:90766 Uncaught TypeError: cell.setAttribute is not a function
at constructor.updateCellAriaDescription (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:90766)
at constructor.updater (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:90751)
at Object.callback (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:5441)
at constructor.handleUpdate (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:86858)
at constructor.onUpdate (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:77271)
at constructor.fire (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:10124)
at constructor.doFireEvent (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:10538)
at constructor.prototype.doFireEvent (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:27382)
at constructor.fireEventArgs (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:10479)
at constructor.fireEvent (VM559 ext-all-debug.js:10463)