View Full Version : Ext JS Grid MoveNext button not working first time after loadPage

1 Aug 2017, 4:32 AM

I have a Ext JS Grid populated from database.
We are using grid.getStore().loadPage(2) to load the currentPage.Then the grid goes to that page
After that the moveNextButton is not firing.When the user clicks on any other button
then clicks on Next button then it is firing

Gary Schlosberg
1 Aug 2017, 5:15 AM
With which specific version of Ext JS are you seeing this?

1 Aug 2017, 5:29 AM
This is with Ext JS version 4.2

2 Aug 2017, 4:37 AM

We have the following store created
Ext.create('Ext.data.Store', {
storeId: 'SubmittedBillsStore',
model: 'SubmittedBillsExt',
listeners: {
beforeload: function(store, operation, options){
document.submittedBillExtForm.txtWBCurrentPage.value =operation.page;

proxy: {
type: 'ajax',
url: '/cfc/submittedbillsext.cfc',
extraParams: {
returnFormat: 'json',
method: 'getSubmittedBillsExt'
limitParam: 'pageSize',
pageParam: 'pageIndex',

reader: {
type: 'cfquery'

//autoLoad: true

When we try to the load the store using the below code the store is getting loaded and going into that page but after that moveNext button is not working.When we click on any other button and then click on next button then next button is firing

Gary Schlosberg
4 Aug 2017, 1:06 PM
What kind of reader is 'cfquery'? Can you please post your grid config code?