View Full Version : [OPEN] Hidden column with hideMode: offsets no longer exports

5 Jul 2017, 7:54 AM
In my grid I have some boolean columns that display information as icons. But I have ignoreExport: true on those icons so that they don't get exported. At the same time, I have a grid column with information from the icon columns in text format that is hidden by default on the grid. But it gets exported to Excel. I was able to do this before by setting the gridcolumn hidden: true and hideMode: offsets. After Ext. 6.5 update, this no longer works. My grid column is no longer getting exported with this config. The grid column gets exported only if the hidden: false and does not take the hideMode: offsets into consideration.

xtype: 'gridcolumn', // I want this column to not show on grid but gets exported to Excel
hidden: true,
hideMode: 'offsets',
width: 250,
enableColumnHide: false,
align: 'left',
dataIndex: 'servicesConvert',
text: 'Services'
xtype: 'booleancolumn', // Icon column that is visible on grid but does not get exported
maxWidth: 55,
minWidth: 55,
enableColumnHide: false,
dataIndex: 'electric',
hideable: false,
ignoreExport: true,
falseText: '<span class="x-fa fa-bolt" style="color:#bdc3c7"></span>',
trueText: '<span class="x-fa fa-bolt" style="color:#2ecc71"></span>',
bind: {
text: '{serviceTypeConfig.electric.iconText}'


5 Jul 2017, 5:08 PM
Sounds like a bug in the old version, sounds as though it wasn't correctly interrogating the hidden state.

I'll open a feature request to allow for greater control of exporting.

6 Jul 2017, 6:52 AM
That'll be really helpful. We have many grids that have hidden columns that need to be included in the export. Thanks

21 Dec 2018, 1:48 AM
Is it resolved ?