View Full Version : Cannot connect application to new theme

5 Jul 2017, 7:44 AM
I am new to sencha Themer and am trying to create a theme using Themer v1.2.0.41 and Sencha v6.5.0.180.

I am having trouble connecting my application to Themer.

When i inspect i get the below error:
The application you're inspecting uses the `theme-triton` theme. You need to apply this theme to the app and refresh your browser in order to inspect.

In Connected App(s) window:
Sencha Application: http://localhost:1841/nstheme/
Currrently opened theme is not applied to client app.

I selected Triton when creating my new theme but the theme config in app.json appears to be : "theme": "ns"
I tried changing it to Triton but the application still seem to be not connecting, so i believe that is not the issue here.

Can you please tell me what am i doing wrong here and how to connect my application to the new theme ?

6 Jul 2017, 6:20 AM
Looking at the Themer logs (Tools -> Show Log File), it was looking for the 'ext' folder under my application. I copied the same from the workspace and pasted it in my project folder and it seemed to fix the issue. Not sure whether that's the correct solution because the app generation didn't copy the ext folder.