View Full Version : Visual Studio Code Sencha Ext JS Extension Issue

7 Jun 2017, 2:35 PM
Anyone want to gain some stackoverflow points and help me with this one :) I'm doing some Ext JS training and want that feature where you can control+mouseclick on a controller for example and it automatically open that file. Can't get it to work. Details here...




12 Jun 2017, 3:28 PM
I think I finally figured it out. I can now Ctrl+Hover over extend, controller, requires, etc... and it will show a popup of its definition and when I Ctrl+MouseClick (or press F12) it opens that file. What I did to make it work was I opened just a single Ext JS app folder then waited for the plugin to index everything. That's it. Before, I had my entire "Projects" directory open in Visual Studio Code which contained about 8 sub folders all of which were Ext JS apps. So maybe there were naming conflicts between the different apps or maybe this plugin just wasn't intended to work with multiple apps at once.