View Full Version : [FIXED] No way to select search result using keyboard

30 May 2017, 10:53 PM
When using old docs it was possible to select search result using up/down arrow keys, then when you introduced new docs, even it was no longer possible to select result with arrow keys, it was still possible to use "Tab" key. Now neither way works anymore.

26 Jun 2017, 5:11 AM
I find it to very annoying that this doesn't work anymore. I wanted to log the exact same thing.. Please fix it if you can.. seems like an easy improvement...

26 Jun 2017, 10:20 AM
Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.

11 Dec 2017, 7:57 AM
What's the correct shortcut to jump into the search results now? Neither arrow keys nor tab work here.
Tested with 64 bit versions of:

Google Chrome 62.0.3202.94
Mozilla Firefox 57.0.2