View Full Version : [DUP] Viewport scrolling when it should not

2 May 2017, 12:00 PM
Created a new ExtJS Modern 6.2 app using Sencha Architect 4.1.1. Project is empty. Made a single container the initial view. Added a line of html to container. Compile and load up in browser. Looks fine. Text is shown up top. dragging down with the mouse in container does nothing as expected. On my PC in any browser the page looks fine. Changing UserAgent string to iPhone or PC does not mater.. works as expected.

Load the exact same simple page up in Safari on the iPhone or inside an iPhone app using a UIWebView or WKWebView, the same app has a blank white space up top above the container with text. Also, dragging down on the container will pull the page down.. rubber band. Setting background-color of the HTML document to red.. indicates the scrolling is happening there.

I've tried everything under the sun to figure this out. Set no scroll on the container, set no scroll on viewport. Manually updated the index.html file with these params.

Additionally, i created a new Architect project using the QuickStart project under ExtJS Modern 6.2.x, compiling and viewing with a PC browser (safari, chrome etc..) it works as expected. Again, loading the same project up in mobile safari or native iOS code using a UIWebView browser control, theres a white space up top and the entire page scrolls down when dragged.

BTW, all of our Sencha 2.x apps work just fine in the native app using UIWebView and within mobile Safari.


Thanks, John.