View Full Version : ExtJS 6.2 Filtering a combox/tagfield and backspace

26 Apr 2017, 6:45 AM
In a tagfield or a combobox, if you set a "minChars" config such as in the following example

1) Focus the tag field, the tagfield will open and you will see all the results.
2) Now enter "F" nothing happens (this is normal since we have a minChars of 3) ; so you still see all the results
3) Now enter "Fir", and you will see only one result (the one starting by "Fir")
4) Now come back to "F" with backspace and you still only see the single "Fir" result

In steps 2 and 4, the field seems to be in the same state (as the field value is "F") but the results are differents