View Full Version : 6.2 (GPL) Styles for Ext.form.field.FileButton not loaded/generated in production

14 Apr 2017, 5:40 AM
In my application, I have a class which extends Ext.form.field.FileButton. This implementation only triggers some additional parameter supon the "change" event. The application does not define or use an instance of Ext.form.field.File

Everyting looks good in development mode, however, once I've run sencha app build classic ,
the button is not properly rendered in the app, since the class x-form-file-input is missing.

If I however, require the class Ext.form.field.File in my button definition, like

Ext.define('App.FileButton', {

extend : 'Ext.form.field.FileButton',

requires : [

the styles are properly loaded in production mode.

A fix would be nice to keep the code lean.