View Full Version : How to set background color for a row in TreeTable?

26 Apr 2008, 5:25 AM

I am currently trying to find the best way to set the background color of a row in a TreeTable.

I noticed several issues:

1) When I managed to set the background color of a TreeItem (setStyleAttribute(...)) all becomes a bit flaky with the table's selection highlighting. Sometimes, when you start moving over the rows with your mouse, the background color changes to the color of the selection but when you move out from this row, the color does not always change back to the set color of the row.

2) As a second attempt, I tried to change the color via the ViewerCell using setTextStyle(). That seems to work better than in 1), ie it does not interfere so much with the selection highlighting (I think because the selection highlighting actually happens behind that... you can see it a bit). However the issue with this approach is that the first column, that actually holds the tree node, does not change it's background color.

Has anybody managed to find a reliable and UI friendly way to change the background color or rows in a TreeTable?

Is there a way to stop the highlighting of table rows when moving over them with the mouse? I haven't quite found the CSS setting yet. Doesn't seem to be done using the 'hover' rule in CSS.

I am currently using Ext-GWT 1.0 beta1.