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13 Mar 2017, 9:13 AM
I need guidance on how to debug a user extension - if it's even possible.
I can successfully load an extension but I see nothing in the toolbox.

I am relatively new to Architect 4 and I am trying to create a user extension for the first time.
I have followed all the details to set up my source, my package.json and architect/definition files.

The documentation seems to imply that just by copying the files to:
is in the 'preferences' of Architect.
you can then somehow magically:
"Open an Architect project that uses a compatible framework and use your user extension"

"Then you can simply right-click and Package Extension to create an AUX file."
Well, if the extension is not magically showing up in the toolbox under user extensions, you can't
save it.

Ok, so instead I created a zip file manually, renamed it .AUX, cleared the MyExtension/1.0 folders
and then from a new blank project opened the new .aux with 'install user extensions'.

It briefly popped up a help bubble that said it was successful!

Indeed it unpacked it to C:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Architect\Extensions\extensionname\version
and the version matched what I had in the package.json.

But it is still not visible use user-extensions in the toolbox.
Nothing in the Cmd log shows any details about parsing or loading or why this is not visible.

Is there a logging or build facility of any kind where you can see what is wrong?
Why can't I see anything in the Toolbox under User Extensions?
It seems that perfection and magic is required.

Since Sencha-Market appears dead for now, are there any pre-built AUX files out there that I can try?
Ok, I found this one https://github.com/gportela85/DateTimeField
and it installs ok but it not visible in the toolbox either!?

It need it to load with Sencha Architect 4 and an ExtJS6.2.1 modern project?
Is all this problem because I have a modern project? or is there a bug?


14 Mar 2017, 12:36 PM
Ok, I have discovered what may be the issue.
The extension for DateTimeField did NOT appear in the toolkit for a Modern project but it does appear under classic.
If I attempt to install my own extension under a modern project it is silent but when I install in a classic project I am seeing
the errors.

Is there a bug or a missing feature regarding User Extensions? Can you have a user extension for a modern project?

16 Mar 2017, 10:57 AM
It turns out I needed 'modern' in the compatible frameworks.

"architect": {
"defsonly": true,
"compatFrameworks": [
"ext62", "modern62"