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6 Mar 2017, 5:50 AM
I have access to the full Visual Studio 2015 editor, and I have downloaded Visual Studio Code. But I'm not sure which editor to use.

- Are the two plugins the same?
- Do they have the same functionality?
- Will both be maintained/developed equally going forward?

Which editor would you use if you could choose between the two?




7 Mar 2017, 4:41 AM
Hi Henrik

The two plugins are almost the same. The main features as code completion and Sencha Cmd integrations are in both.

If you do not need VS15 for anything in your project I would definitely go with the VSC. The VS15 is really bulky and you can't just create simple web project. The VSC is more lightweight and doesn't pollute your project with many extra files. Also you can easily switch to other editors in future.

I think you can try to create new project in both editors and look which one is easier / more pleasant to work with for you.

I personally use WebStorm + Sublime as my editors of choice. :)


7 Mar 2017, 10:37 PM
Hi Petr

Just one more quick question

I have noticed that sometimes I get auto completion on function arguments, and sometimes I don't. Why is that?

If i have this function:

* Set active Estate
* @param {DR.model.Estate} estate
* @return {DR.model.Estate}
setActiveEstate: function(estate) {
this.activeEstate = estate;
return this.activeEstate;

And I type this.setActiveEstate(, I don't get any argument help even thought I through the JSDoc have indicated that the function takes an Estate model instance as argument.