View Full Version : MinDateValidator error message

21 Feb 2017, 5:40 PM
We have 2 dates, from and to dates, we are using DateField. When using setMinValue(Date minValue) it creates MinDateValidator. The problem is the format on this validator, when manually entering the date, the validator shows the following message:"The date in this field must be {date} or later" (the date is in the format mm/dd/yyyy), but my DateField is in the format "dd/mm/yyyy".
I noticed that MaxDateValidator has a constructor that receives a format, but MinDateValidator doesn't. But even having that in the constructor will not help, because setMinValue method ignores the field's format.

I have attached 2 screen shots just in case. :)

Can you please fix it so when creating the validators the field's format will be passed to the validator.

Thank you,