View Full Version : Event Recorder: Timeout waiting for target Error

24 Jan 2017, 8:20 AM

When using Event Recorder to click on buttons, combos or buttons, I have the error below when run the test, even if the component is visually clicked correctly.

Navigator: IE11
Sencha Test : 1.0.3 and 2.0
In this Example, it's a datefield

The Recorded code :
describe("recorder", function() {
it("should pass", function() {
ST.play (http://st.play/)([
{ type: "tap", target: "datefield[name="datefield-1012-inputEl"]", x: 280.32000732421875, y: 11.050003051757812, pointerType: "mouse", identifier: 1 },
{ type: "tap", target: "[stateId="datefield-1012-picker"]", x: 111.57998657226562, y: 90.11000061035156, pointerType: "mouse", identifier: 1 }

The Error:
Timeout waiting for target ([stateId="datefield-1012-picker"]) to be available for tap

Thanks in advance..