View Full Version : [DUP] Visual artifact obscuring tooltips; incomplete changed prop list

21 Dec 2016, 6:43 AM
When hovering over either of the two icons in the lower right side of Themer (Theme Settings and SCSS Variables), there seems to be something obscuring part of the tooltip...some of the tooltip is readable, but some is not. This is probably a minor bug in the grand scheme of things, but something you should be aware of.

Another possibly more critical issue with these two controls: when I click the SCSS Variables button and then choose to filter only by those variables I changed, I don't see every variable I changed.

See the second screenshot below...if this control set is showing me everything I changed that affects this particular panel UI, why isn't it showing me that I changed the header background color (that's just one example...there are others). Am I missing the intended functionality of this feature, or is this a bug?



21 Dec 2016, 10:53 AM
Thanks for reporting the issue with the tooltips! I've opened a bug for that.

On the variable changed filter in the grid, I tried to reproduce this, and changing the 'Panel Header Color' variable, does show up in the grid with that filter. However, 'Base Color' (in Theme Defaults) would also have affected panel header colors. As far as I can tell (without seeing the variables you changed), Themer is working correctly, showing that you changed the base color and not panel header color? Can you confirm that is indeed the case?