View Full Version : UI feature slow and glitchy in Early Access version

6 Dec 2016, 10:33 AM
UIs are critical to my workflow...I use them often, for a variety of components. The UI feature is a welcome addition to Themer, but it seems to be a work in progress.

I'm working on a theme for the theming contest. I was able to add both a button and a panel UI, but making changes to any property seems to take an unusually long time to apply (minimum of 5 seconds but much more often in the 20-30 second range).

Much worse, about half the time, making any change to the UI resets the UI to the default style settings...a huge waste of time!

I'm on a Mac running OS X, well within the recommended specs. I'm also running app watch with Fashion, and I am seeing a number of warnings about deprecated variables, so maybe that plays into this problem. Either way, just letting you know...this part of working with Themer has been frustrating so far...

7 Dec 2016, 5:55 AM
I tried restarting Themer, deleting and then re-adding the UIs, but the problems persist. Very, very slow performance, especially when working with UIs, plus there is an excellent chance of all changes spontaneously reverting to the defaults.

I should also mention that I'm also using the font manager feature, and have incorporated two Google fonts into my theme. Themer doesn't seem to like using those fonts. Often when choosing a Google font, the font will be applied but the font chooser will remain blank. Other times, choosing a Google font will reset previously changed values to their defaults.

There is really no point in entering the theming contest at this point. Without UIs, I'm limited to changing just global properties...and it turns out, I can't even trust those changes to "stick." Really poor experience.

7 Dec 2016, 10:14 AM
The UI performance suffers from a technical detail within Fashion, which requires a full rebuild of the entire Theme when UIs are added/changed. We will definitely be looking at solutions to solve this in future releases. You may try not running app watch on your app while modifying UIs, and wait for the spinner to complete between each change to UIs. These two things should help performance (so the rebuild happens once inside of Themer only), and what sounds to be a race condition (bug).

If possible, can you email or PM me your theme package zipped up? It sounds like something went horribly wrong and Fashion/Themer can't recover. I'm guessing Fashion is throwing errors and Themer is not showing them (which is a bug if true), just reverting to what it thinks is a good state.

24 Aug 2017, 2:28 AM
Themer is slow also if is only software running.

My machine:
OSX 10.12.6